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Preliminary Advice

UrbanArc’s preliminary planning advice helps you navigate the multi-layered regulatory planning system. We can identify any potential issues or hurdles and provide solutions to develop a sound strategy in order to set you on the right path thereby minimising time delays or over investment on a property.

We can also review your plans and provide you with early advice and an honest appraisal before you go to Council. This will ensure a smooth process and you are fully informed from the beginning.

Pre-purchase Assessment

If you’re looking at a property for future development, it’s essential you understand any potential hurdles that may affect the success of a future planning application and/or the development potential of the property.

UrbanArc can carry out a pre-purchase assessment, providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision before you purchase.

Pre-application Meetings

Pre-application meetings are held by councils to identify issues early on and to seek clarification on technical matters prior to submitting a planning application. Leading the discussion with Council is therefore essential to assist in shining the best possible light on a future project and to ensure that the advice provided is concise and reliable.

UrbanArc can assist you in leading the discussions with Council and developing the scope and strategy for this process.

Development Strategy

With any project or proposal, it’s critical you have a project framework in place. UrbanArc can call upon our extensive and diverse network of industry specialists to assemble a team that best suits your project.

UrbanArc can use its network of specialists to tailor strategies for your project to maximise yields, minimise stress, expenditure and disruption to the planning application process.

Land Use Strategy

When establishing a commercial use on a property the Planning Scheme requires a number of matters to be considered. This quite often includes car parking and traffic, noise and other amenity considerations as well as waste.

UrbanArc can create tailored strategies to address key considerations required by the Planning Scheme to minimise stress, expenditure and disruption to the planning application process and more importantly to give you the best chance of success.

Bushfire Management

UrbanArc has extensive experience in preparing Bushfire Management Statements in a wide range of urban, coastal and rural environments.

UrbanArc can conduct site inspections, preliminary appraisals and prepare Bushfire Management Statements that respond to the requirements of the Bushfire Management Overlay and Clause 52.47 (Planning for Bushfire) contained within the Planning Scheme.

UrbanArc can also manage your planning application.


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