Ridge Road, Kallista / 2 Storey Dwelling and Indigenous Vegetation Removal

This site was one of the few remaining rural residential lots in Kallista containing a large area of significant manna gums. The Planning Scheme had different policies that saw any development proposed, a 2 storey dwelling in this instance, needing to respond to the requirements of the Bushfire Management Overlay as well as protecting the significant environmental and landscape values of the trees.

It was clear the Planning Scheme dictated that the Bushfire Management requirements overrode any environmental considerations of the overlays. In spite of this, significant resistance was received from Council’s officers that proved challenging in obtaining a Planning Permit. Nevertheless, UrbanArc responded to the concerns raised and successfully negotiated with the CFA to relax the requirements of the Bushfire Management Overlay in order to find the middle ground. Our extensive consultation and negotiation strategy resulted in the Planning Permit being issued and importantly, improved the outcome for the client compared with what had initially been proposed or anticipated on the site.