Halsalls Lane, Creighton’s Creek / Shotgun Shell Ammunition Factory

An application was submitted to Council seeking approval for a shotgun shell ammunition (bullet) factory by the owner of the land. The storage of explosives and manufacturing of shotgun shells on Farming Zone land and approximately 100m of houses is unique and potentially hazardous, which consequently attracted media attention and the spread of inaccurate information throughout the community.

UrbanArc provided a detailed written submission in support of the application and our co-ordination of the formal referral authority responses to the application ensured inaccurate information was dispelled and the referral authority’s responses to Council was in a form that gave Council and the Councillors the tools and peace of mind they needed to recommend that a planning permit is to be issued. This was in spite of the media interest, over 256 pages of objections and opposition from ex police force members and current members of the Local CFA. Managing the fierce opposition and uncertainty surrounding the nature of this potentially hazardous and unique use was the key to a planning permit being recommended to be issued.